Wieneke & Wieneke, Inc. / Copyright 2013  

Case study 1: Automotive manufacturer – Migrating to a commercial off the

shelf solution in a sustained knowledge management environment, Steven

Wieneke, Enterprise Learning and Knowledge Awareness Coach, Wieneke &

Wieneke, Inc., is available in Aligning People, Process and Technology in

Knowledge Management, Stephanie Barnes, ARK Group, 2011.

The Knowledge Management and Application Domain, Steven Wieneke and

Karla Phlypo-Price, Wieneke & Wieneke, Inc.; 2010, ISBN: 978-0-9844519-

0-16 (paperback). 

Adopting and Adapting Product Best Practices across General Motors Engineering Six Years Later, Steven Wieneke, Technical Fellow, Global Engineering, General Motors Corporation, is available in Knowledge Management for Services, Operations and Manufacturing, Tom Young, Chandos Publishing, Oxford, England, 2008, pp. 142 - 165.   ISBN: 978 1 84334 324 0 (paperback)
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