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Vulnerability When an enterprise is unaware of the importance of augmenting individual knowhow with written knowledge, the enterprise is left vulnerable... Verbally handed down knowledge will diminish knowhow (depth of understanding) over time With little written knowledge, the enterprise will need to deploy their experts to mentor and troubleshoot, sacrificing new product or services development, documenting knowledge or keeping up with new technologies If the enterprise has only automated their written knowledge, fundamental understanding may never be realized for that topic Maintaining a balance between knowhow and written knowledge is essential to the success of any enterprise. Cost of doing Business or Symptoms? Is rework, high scrap rates, high warranty expenses, customer dissatisfaction, field campaigns, buy-back activities and lost customers a cost of doing business or symptoms? Although most reply symptoms, there are many organizations where these are considered a cost of doing business. We believe the root cause of each symptom is either... Not Knowing Incorrectly Applying Ignoring or Forgetting The large green triangle in the image on the left hand side of the screen represents categorically what needs to be known. The smaller lighter green triangle represents what is known. The difference in areas between the 2 triangles represents what is not known or needs to be learned. These symptoms can be minimized with an ACTIVE Knowledge Management Process.
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