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COMMUNICATING - Active Communication (Speaking and Listening) Awareness

Communicating is the heart of the four strategies and needs to be addressed first. Communicating with each other is fundamental: People adopt different information processing preferences Being aware of each other's preferences can improve how we communicate and interact With this awareness, team effectiveness is immediate because people do NOT need to change An individualized report detailing preferences initiates the awareness

KNOWING - Perennial Business Objective Of Knowing

All enterprises (organizations, businesses, institutions) are knowledge based. An enterprises’ knowledge is held by their executives and employees, and embedded in their processes, products or services. At issue is what the enterprise collectively... 1. NEEDS to know, 2. actually KNOWS and 3. effectively APPLIES. LEARNING - A Learning Process Replacing Lessons Learned An enterprise learning process, the 3rd strategy, ensures relevant, actionable learnings and preventions are readily available for future adoption and adaptation by any employee. An enterprise learning process ensures... 1. actionable learnings and 2. preventions to lessons ...are inserted into the enterprise's intellectual capital by subject matter responsible employees for future adoption and adaptation by any employee. The essence of enterprise learning is someone besides the initial learner adopting and adapting a new learning or prevention to a lesson. Working - Knowledge Embedded Workflow Having a foundation of Communicating, Knowing and Learning, the final strategy focus is effectively managing and applying what is known to work. An ACTIVE knowledge process... Delivers relevant and vetted knowledge to the Knowledge Receiver’s workflow, Is ASSESSMENT centric rather than DOCUMENT centric Employs a inquiry-appraisal-evidence model rather than a library model The knowledge is structured ensuring inclusiveness and allowing conversion to open-ended-like questions. The answers to these questions are automatically assessed and the Knowledge Receiver is directed to the next step or predetermined remediation. Engages employees and Management Is visible in the organization’s processes and products or services.
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